10 Reasons the Megalodon Shark May Still Exist! 50M Videos is the #1 place for all your heart warming stories about amazing people that will inspire you everyday. Make sure to subscribe and never miss a single video! #viralstory #amazingpeople #50MVideos 10 reasons the Megalodon shark may still exist The megalodon shark is known for being the world's largest shark to ever exist. It has been the stuff of legends for decades, even though it allegedly went extinct over millions of years ago. Despite that, there have been numerous reported sightings, but are these, fake, or has there been some sort of a mix up. The megalodon may be extinct, but it could also be hiding deep within our oceans. On that note let us get into the 10 reasons the Megalodon shark may still exist. 10) Fossil finds Let’s take a look at the fossils or more specifically the teeth of many of the known fossilized megalodon that came from shark tooth hill near Bakersfield California. Here people can dig up huge shark teeth that can range from a couple of inches to over six inches and they fetch a pretty good price if you find a nice one. Besides being an expensive collector's item megalodon teeth have been the source of some controversy. Plenty of teeth have been found but there's one particular toothy discovery that has confounded scientists.  In 1875, two megalodon teeth were dug up during a deep-sea expedition by the HMS Challenger that dated only 10,000 - 15,000 years old. If the methods used were accurate, this would mean it went extinct much more recently than previously believed. While some believe this dating must be wrong others insist that it's accurate. It does not take a great imagination to think the megalodon shark may have survived the past 10,000 years undetected and undisturbed in the depths of the oceans. 9) The Sea of Cortez One of the most famous legends about the megalodon comes from the Sea of Cortez also known as the Gulf of California. Fishermen in the region have long reported seeing extremely large sharks that locals refer to as a creature known as the black demon. In July of 2008 fisherman Eric Mack’s boat was struck by a huge shark whose tail rose five feet out of the water and he claimed its body looked over 60 feet long. This sighting matches with many other black demon sightings in the area which all describe seeing a giant shark or sea creature over 60 feet long. 8) The Mariana trench Scientists believe that the largest megalodons could have been longer than 60 feet and weighed as much as 50 tons. The earliest megalodon fossils date back to 20 million years ago with scientists believing that these monstrous sharks ruled our oceans for at least 13 million years, but if the megalodon is still out there today where could it be hiding? Lack of any genuine megalodon sightings might actually be a clue as to where these giant prehistoric sharks are hiding out. Scientists believe the megalodon loved the warm coastal waters millions of years ago but evolution could have sent it into much cooler depths of the ocean. The Mariana trench is the deepest part of the ocean and it's actually filled with strange life forms such as the giant squid. The trench is about 36201 feet deep and plenty of marine life is present down there that the megalodon could feed on. But exploring the trench is extremely difficult and expensive. To get anywhere near the bottom of the trench explorers and researchers need submarines worth millions of dollars fitted with high-tech equipment. Most ocean explorers and underwater vehicles are unable to reach depths of more than 7000 feet leaving half of the trench unexplored. Many parts of the trench have yet to be examined and who knows the meg might just be calling the trench home. 7) The Brazilian coastguard It is true that while we may have never captured a megalodon or seen one in flesh, there are several videos that have not been tampered with and have no clear explanation, like this one taken back in 2012. The Brazilian coast guard had some terrible company during a rescue operation. They even managed to get a video of a giant 60-foot shark swimming just alongside them. You can clearly see the shadow moving in the water on the right. The footage has been examined and has been said to be genuine, though no one has been able to accurately explain what species of giant shark decided to make a haunting appearance. With no better options many have chosen to believe this is the mysterious megalodon. 6) Countless sightings There have been countless claims by people who have seen huge sharks far beyond their imagination. Sightings of some these incredibly huge sharks have never been properly explained but we don't really have proof of these sightings either. According to naturalist David he wrote about a group of fishermen in New Zealand who saw a gigantic shark of almost unbelievable proportions in 1918.

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